1-day short course: Fundamentals of thermal system design for electronic products

Course Description

At system level, thermal functioning is a complex interplay between electrical design determining heat production, mechanical design determining cooling capabilities, and lifetime, performance and use ultimately determining allowable temperatures.
This 1-day short course will focus on early system level thermal design and troubleshooting, answering the typical early-on thermal questions:

  • Is this box large enough to handle x watts?
  • Do we need a fan ?
  • Will this sink work?
  • Will component A heat component B ?
  • Do we have a feasible product?

Course contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thermal networks
  3. Heat generation and heat transfer
  4. Boxes
  5. Flow, fans and vents
  6. Heat spreading in thin geometries: Characteristic Length and Cooling Circle
  7. Heat exchangers and heating length scale
  8. Thermal system design
  9. Worked example

The short course is 9.00 – 17.00 on September 26th, casa hotel Amsterdam.
Lunch is included in the price

About the tutor

Ir. G. A. Wendy Luiten Ir. G. A. (Wendy) Luiten - Therminic 2017

Wendy Luiten received a MSc in mechanical engineering, heat & fluid flow, from Twente Technical University, the Netherlands, in 1984. She was a senior thermal specialist at Philips Research Eindhoven for 30 + years, working on cooling of consumer electronics and LED lighting products. She was also lead trainer for Design for Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt trainer, and acting Master Black Belt at Philips Research and Philips Research lighting.

She is the author over 20 papers, and holds 6 patents and pending patents. She received the best paper award at Semi-Therm 2002, the Harvey Rosten award for Excellence in 2014 and the Philips Research Outstanding Achievement award in 2015.
Wendy Luiten has lectured in Electronics Cooling for over 15 years, in pre-conference short courses at Semitherm and Latindisplay and as a lecturer in electronics cooling workshops at the High Tech Institute Eindhoven.

Wendy Luiten is presently an independent contractor, owner of her own consultancy specializing in advice and trainings on the joint subjects of Thermal Management of Electronic Systems and Design for Six Sigma.